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Team role: Angular lead & architect. Built out all self-service side of customer-facing site.

Tech Stack: Unslated, Angular 9, AEM (CMS side).

Budget: 3.2 million

Production URL: https://www.pacificpower.net/


I was brought in as the FED lead on this project. The goal was to create two UIs, one for the public side, and one for the self-service side. Self-service was using angular 8, while the public side was using AEM. 

I created two component libraries, the angular one went into storybook, while the AEM side went into “unslated”, which is an internal atomic library set that we had developed. If you want to learn more about how that works, an old version is available here - https://github.com/connectivedx/Unslated

Along with building the two UIs, I directed an off-shore team of Angular developers on how to integrate the FED work into their payment gateway, worked with testing teams to review bugs and accessibility concerns, managed the developer sprints in JIRA and spoke directly with stakeholders to manage expectations while keeping us on target for release.

  • Lead Front-end architect on both projects

  • Held weekly standups with off-shore and local Angular teams as well as weekly meetings with stakeholders and UX teams.

  • Developed a library of reusable components for future expansion.

  • Saw a great increase in interaction with both the marketing site as well as the self-service site. 

  • Went on-site weekly to work with the Angular team and coordinate code deployments. 

  • Total team of 75 employees/contractors, 14-month turnaround. 

*Please note that production URLs may be out of date without warning.

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