Pacificorp Disaster

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Team role: Lead FED and Architect - Headless Contentful/Angular site.

Tech Stack: Angular 8, Contentful, SCSS, Mongo, Lambda

Production URL: Unavailable

Pacificorp needed to create an internal site to use in case of a disaster (such as covid) that could be stood up quickly and perform under stressful network conditions.

We used a headless CMS approach along with Angular, allowing us to minimize the amount of calls to the server that we need, and creating the ability to 'check in' to report that you are safe. We also created an admin UI to review and export the data collected.

*Please note that production URLs may be out of date without warning.

My Work

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Bonneville Power Association

Front-end team lead and architect. Defined all patterns and FED tech stack.

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Northwest Natural

Senior Front-end lead. Existing project I brought to completion.